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Customer Testimonials

Kym Campbell

Valued Customer

Tan Your Moon is by far one of the best Tanning Salons in TULSA! I love when you walk in you're ALWAYS greeted with friendly smile which is GENUINE! Not to mention The employees there try hard to remember you♄ Love Tan Your Moon!

Ashley Emert

Valued Customer

Tan Your Moon is by far the best place to tan! It's clean, the staff is friendly and let's be honest there's no other place I'd rather tan my moon!

Alyssa Manning

Valued Customer since 2007

Tan Your Moon is the ONLY place I will tan. As a former employee and a customer since 2007, I don't trust anywhere else to have the same level of customer service and cleanliness that you get at Tan Your Moon. You can get a tan anywhere, but you won't get the same experience, friendliness and genuine care about their business and their customers that you get at Tan Your Moon. Believe me, I've been behind the scenes ;)

Liz Wellendorf

Valued Customer since 2002

I love this place!!! I worked there when they opened when I was 14 years old!!!! Now I'M 27 still tanning there!!!! I believe they have the best beds in Tulsa!!! And the Owners ar the sweetest people!!!! Everyone should come and tan here u won't be Disappointed TRUST ME!!!!!!

Renee Travis

Valued Customer

I have always loved going to tan your moon. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The beds and prices are awesome and of course the owner is great!

Rebekah Jost

Valued Customer

I love you guys!! I have been using you for years!!

Laurie Hudson

Valued Customer

Great staff and equipment. If you live in the Tulsa/BA area, check it out!!!!

Jamie Harris

Valued Customer

This place has amazing equipment and the staff is very friendly and professional! They make you feel comfortable even while "Tanning Your Moon" (lol)! They go the extra mile to explain how their equipment works, they listen to your needs and recommend how to get thAT great sexy, natural looking tan ALL year round! AND they have and great pricing packages!! LOVE!! My favorite tanning salon ever!!!!!!

Lindsey Reyna

Valued Customer

Tan Your Moon is the best tanning salon I have ever been too. Great customer service, always kept clean, and SUPER hot bulbs! I love it and I know that you will TOO! Check them out and LIKE their Facebook page! Hope to see you there!

Monica Coble

Valued Customer

Your store is always well kept & clean. Your employees do a wonderful job.